Welcome to BloodSin, although we are a friendly, and helpful family, there are a few thing we would like to stress, and have you keep in mind.

  1. We treat everyone with respect, we ask you to do the same in return.
  2. No drama please. (If you have a problem with someone in the faction, we ask that you try to work it out among your self's first, and if you have to contact one of the officers, of the faction to help you please do so.)
  3. We don"t and will not allow bullies, it is frowned upon and if caught, or brought to our attention, the bully will be kicked from the faction.
  4. We also understand life can get in the way. If that happens, or you think or know you will be away form the game, for more then a week, We just ask that you let us know.
  5. We ask that you try not to start trouble with other factions, if you have a problem with someone please try to keep it out or the faction, please and thank you.
  6. We understand not everyone will get along, with everyone else, that's life but we ask that you try. Again if you have a problem, you may contact one of the factions officers, or the leader, and we will try to help any way we can.

Other then that we just want everyone to have fun, let us try to be a happy family.